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                                                                                                                                                         About Us


COINBOX COOPERATIVE MULTIPURPOSE SOCIETY LIMITED is a multipurpose cooperative and investment society. Registered in December 2011 by COINBOX LIMITED under the Lagos State Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives, Ikeja with registration number L. S. C. S. 13432

Our vision is to be number one in easy access to financial services.

Our mission is to create empowerment avenues and business enhancing opportunities for members through pooled resources coordinated by highly trained professionals.

Our objectives

     1. To provide avenues for access to shared resources like

  • finance

  • distributorship/bulk breaking

  • export/import activities

  • joint venture investments/finance

  • Contributory Mortgage

  1. To enhance business skills by enrolling members into TEB (The Empowerment Bureau).

  2. To support members in agricultural businesses to modernize and commercialize their operations for local and international markets.